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The on-site recycling of solvents can be done in a simple and automated way for all industries.

Solvents are present in many industrial sectors whether it be via paint, composites, iron and steel, surface treatment, mechanics, aeronautics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The solutions offered by Eco-Dec consist of autonomous regenerators, but also complete and fully automated systems.

As all the equipment is annexed to the regenerators, our automated skids allow for the recycling of your solvents in a continuous flow.

Eco-Dec takes care of everything, from the feasibility study to the on-site integration (Mechanics, Electricity and Automation), including the sizing and manufacturing.

The heating system of our regenerators lasts for 10 years.

Our wide range of equipment allows:

  • Recycling of petroleum-derived materials (expanded polystyrene for example)
  • Extraction of essential oils from plants

Eco-Dec solutions are patented, copyrighted and certified according to ATEX directives.

The story of Eco-Dec begins in 1987 in Berneau, Belgium. Its founder, Eugène Deckers, already active in the field of recycling solvents for many years, designed his first regenerator.

In the early 2000s, Eugène Deckers patented his completely unique and innovative inventions, which to this day remain unparalleled in the market. In 2007, he was awarded the gold medal at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions. 

In 2020, Benjamin Beaurang and Jérôme Tilman, two industrial engineers with experience in automated industrial installations, continue Eco-Dec’s legacy.

The vision of Eco-Dec remains unchanged: to contribute to the reduction in pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, by developing the recycling of solvents worldwide.

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