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Our solvent recycling systems

Target industries and businesses of all sizes. Eco-Dec have fully scalable recycling systems that adapt perfectly to the volume of your activities. From the regenerator allowing you to recover your used solvents to the automated skid offering a complete, tailor-made and ready-to-use recycling system, our systems meet your needs. Are you planning to implement an advanced solvent recycling policy within your company? We support you from the feasibility study to the integration of our bespoke systems.

Solvents regenerator 500 litres


Our regenerators allow you to recycle your solvents in four-hour cycles. Filling can be manual or automated. Four capacities are currently available, from 20 to 500 litres.



The skids are complete and automated systems. They are composed of regenerators and all the equipment necessary for the continuous regeneration of solvents, within your industrial process.

Study and integration

Study &

Eco-Dec supports you in the feasibility study up to the mechanical, electrical and automation integration on your site, including sizing and manufacturing.

Our systems evolve with your business. By opting for Eco-Dec, you are also choosing permanent support. Short-term efficiency is as important to us as medium and long-term optimisation. For this reason, the centrepiece of our regenerators, namely the heating system, is guaranteed for 10 years!

For more than 40 years, we have been developing our devices, techniques, and structures allowing optimal regeneration of solvents, helping businesses of all sizes across a multitude of industrial sectors recycle their hazardous waste. Eco-Dec is focused on the future and our technology enables us to offer you modern, efficient, ecological and economical recycling solutions.

Eco-Dec solutions are certified according to ATEX directives.