Discover Belgian Innovation in Sustainable Solvent Recycling with eco-dec !

Innovation in Sustainable Recycling

Discover Belgian Innovation in Sustainable Solvent Recycling

Based near the German and Dutch borders, we are a Belgian company specializing in crafting advanced solvent recyclers for various industries. Our mission: helping industrial companies reduce their environmental impact by reusing solvents.

Through our systems, clients cut solvent costs by 90% and significantly reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding waste incineration. We’ve sold over 800 recyclers globally, with 80% of them reaching international markets.

Industries from ink production to automotive and more can benefit from our solutions. Our range includes standalone systems and fully integrated options, featuring patented energy-efficient technology. Some of our recyclers have run maintenance-free for over 20 years.

We also offer plug-and-play containers for easy overseas transport and setup. Recycle your dirty solvent and achieve 90% direct savings !